Tyranny of Dragons

The Story So Far (part 2)
The Rise of Tiamat

Wrapping up from Horde of the Dragon Queen:

We leave off seconds after the fall of Wyrmspeaker Rezmir and the great white dragon Glazhael.


Lia, Kitai, and Amara work with the kobolds to butcher and take the skin, scales, and other valuable parts of the white dragon.

Blagothgess goes to the steering tower to fly the castle out of the lake.

Celine, Rurik, Liana, the quasit, and three Ogres visit the lower levels.


Celine uses knock to open the door to Rezmir’s quarters.  The party is careful to walk around the rug (as we saw Rezmir do this).  A couple of drowned guard Drakes are in the room.


Celine unlocks the chest and finds a sizable treasure horde: 400 gp gold chain, Silver torque with Dragons heads (200 gp), 6 moon stones (50 gp each), 20 pearls (3000 gp total), 600 sp, 200 gp, 50 platinum pieces.


After exploring the storeroom, the party visits the Red Wizard quarters.  After quickly dispatching a lone gargoyle, the party focuses its attention on a book attached by iron chain to the lecturn.  After casting comprehend languages (Infernal), Celine identifies the book as "Beyond the Iron Gates", a treatise on devil summoning.  The last chapter describes the process of summoning Tiamat.  Celine removes the last chapter and destroys the rest of the book.


A thorough search of the room yields several letters to Rath Modar (likely the red wizard that disappeared) from Severin (supreme leader of the cult of the dragon) that prove the Red Wizards and the Cult are linked.  Other letters show some Red Wizards aren't keen on the cult's plan.  We take the letters.  The wardrobe contains some red wizard robes.  We take them for disguise purposes.


Underwater Salvage:

We go to the dragon treasure hoard leaving the ogres behind to clean up.  The treasure is submerged under a small lake some 100ft by 60ft.  Rurik with his new water-breathing mask casts detect magic and heads for the closest magical presence, about 25 ft underwater.  The water is extremely cold, so Rurik is constantly making Con saves to avoid accumulating exhaustion.  The quasit changes to toad form and accompanies Rurik underwater.


Rurik retrieves a potion and long bow before fashioning a “boat” from some flotsam which includes barrels, beds, bench, bookcase, arm chairs, wagon, desk, and a small catapult.  Rurik uses the wagon as a diving raft and makes two trips before collapsing on the shore, freezing and unable to continue.  The quasit dons the mask and retrieves the final items.  In total the loot includes:


  1. Arcane Scroll (Detect Undead, Whispering Wind)
  2. Arcane Scroll (Protection from Arrows, Deep Slumber)
  3. Arcane Scroll (Cure Moderate Wounds, Protection from Arrows, Hold Person)
  4. Circlet of Persuasion (+3 Cha based skill checks)
  5. Cloak of Elvenkind
  6. Hand of the Mage (allows wearer to cast mage hand)
  7. Oil of Bless Weapon
  8. Potion of Aid
  9. Potion of Hide from Undead
  10. Potion of Shield of Faith (+2)
  11. Potion of Gaseous Form
  12. Long Sword (+1)
  13. Long Bow (+1)
  14. Leather Armor (+1)
  15. Bracers of Defense






The party recuperates, feast on dragon meat, and celebrates!  


The next day the party loads the wagon/raft with 300 pounds of dragon scales and hides.  Celine takes dragon teeth, claws, and dragon blood.


Travel To Waterdeep:

Celine asks Blagothkus to take us to Waterdeep.  (persuasion > 20)


Blagothkus: "Thank you for removing these treacherous creatures from my castle. I will be happy to drop you off."

Celine: "You are truly noble."


It takes 5 days to get to Waterdeep.


Digging for gems in the underwater horde, Lia’s familiar finds a the following:

  1. Amethyst (90 gp)
  2. Black Pearl (700 gp)
  3. Chalcedony (50 gp)
  4. Citrine (70 gp)
  5. Eye Agate (11 gp)
  6. Lapis Lazuli (8 gp)
  7. Onyx (50 gp)
  8. Red Garnet (100 gp)
  9. Rhodochrosite (10 gp)
  10. Violet Garnet (300 gp)


Halfway through our trip Blagothkus says he saw a black dragon heading to the south east.


Celine uses the book to research the ritual to raise Tiamat.  She finds that it requires massive summonings and the sacrifice of hundreds of souls to bring Tiamat’s body from Avernus, first layer of the Nine Hells and into the world.  The details of the ritual make it clear that this is something that requires enormous preparation and expense—but the actual magical formulae and chants are not in the volume.


Celine researches destroying the mask.  It appears that the mask is an artifact and therefore must be destroyed in a specific and special way that is currently unknown to the party.


On the 5th day of travel we notice a smoldering village on the planes below.


We get to Waterdeep.  The Cloud castle lands and the party disembarks.  Rurik summons a warhorse to pull the wagon laden with dragon parts.


We notice herds and crops have been abandoned.  The people out there seem skittish.  As we go through the countryside we learn of dragon attacks and raids.


Leosin welcomes us with open arms at the gates of Waterdeep.


Leosin: “You've arrived just in time for the council.  The council has been meeting for a few days already and they are anxious to meet with you.”


Celine asks Leosin about how to destroy the evil sword and dragon mask.  Leosin suggests showing it to the council. He says the Harpers might be able to help you find magic.  Leosin takes us to a Harper safe house to rest.


Lia goes to Leomund’s Emporium (magical item shop).  After much haggling the shopkeep agrees to take the evil sword and dragon parts in exchange for the following items delivered to the party:







White dragonscale cloak



+1 studded leather armor (x2)



flaming 1d6 upgrade



bag of holding



dragon parts






rope of climbing



+1 shield (x2)



slippers of spider climbing



winged boots (x7)



+1 hand crossbow





Meanwhile, Celine is researching how to destroy the mask.  The Harper leader, Remallia “Remi” Haventree, suggests that Candlekeep and Silverymoon are the best options for discrete research.  Or we could share it with the council.  She says “your secret is safe with us”.  The Harper leader agrees to use their resources to research at one or both libraries.


Episode 1: The Council of Waterdeep

The party revisits Leomunds Imporium and purchases chain mail barding for Kitai’s Worg.


Leosin escorted the party to the council meeting.  He points out that there are multiple factions who will be evaluating the party’s words and actions, and it will be difficult to please all of them.


Recap of recent events

After introductions, Lord Dagult Neverember brings the meeting to order and recaps what we know about the cult and their ambition to bring Tiamat to Faerun:


  • Black dragon eggs are recovered and in the possession of the Emerald Enclave.
  • The cult is collecting treasure.
  • A flying castle mysteriously arrived yesterday along with adventurers.
  • Unusual dragon sightings.


Lord Neverember asks to hear from the adventurers.


Celine: "Honored lords and ladies we can confirm much of what the statements you shared.  We have found evidence their plan to raise Tiamat.  This will require the sacrifice of 1000's of souls, untold riches, and the 5 dragon masks.  We have found evidence of Red Wizards and the Dragon Cult's alliance."


The letters are produced and passed around the table.


Celine: "Rath modar fled the scene when we encountered him on the flying council.  We convinced Blagothguess to join our side against the cult.  We encountered Rezmir with the mask of the black dragon.  She was killed in self-defense.  A big hit, but truly only a temporary setback for the cult."


Lia: "We killed the white dragon defending the treasure hoard when it attacked us."


Celine: "There is no limit to the evil creatures they will have among their allies or in their employ.  Vampires, etc.  They have a number of outposts throughout the Sword Coast.  We have found 3 of their outposts.  They are very large, they are very spread out; they have reinforcements; if you kill them in one place they will.  Our goal must be to prevent them from raising Tiamat."


Ulder doubts the evidence.


Onthar pounds the table. "Ulder, what more evidence do you need?  They are throughout the Sword Coast.  We must stop this evil from spreading further."


Ser Roland Sommerset joins the party

Ulder Ravengard pledges Ser Roland Sommerset (Andrew’s character), a lieutenant of the Flaming Fist, to join the party in their quest.


The Black Dragon Mask remains with the party

Lord Neverember: "You defeated a Wymspeaker."

Celine: "Yes we recovered the artifact and are attempting to destroy it."

Ruik shows the mask to the room and explains its powers.

Lord Neverember: “seems cult may be using mask to persuade the dragons to do their work.”


Taern speaks up. "Clearly a threat of great magnitude.  It is a key piece.  I do not trust that there are hidden alliances among this body.  Don't trust anyone of us to take it."

Ontharr supports Taern's words.


Ulder: “we should take the mask.”

Connerad: “Who do you propose should hold the mask.”

Ulder: “need a trusted magical power to hold it.  Taern.”

Taern: “I see many of you looking at me.  I would be willing to be the steward of the artifact.  I need someone with far more magical ability to attempt to destroy it.”


Celine: "We have not yet been able to determine how to destroy it."

Ulder: "why not give it to us?"

"Melandrach: "just let them keep the mask."

Ulder: "I refuse to leave it with a group."

Taern: "You mean the unprotected group who flew in on their own ice castle."

Remallia: < clears throat > "I think you are all are forgetting we all have been attacked – successfully."

Neverember: I think it is to a vote.  Ulder votes to take the mask; rest vote to leave with the party.


Giant’s Ice Castle flys away.

Next on the agenda: what should we do with this ice castle.


Celine: "It belongs to the cloud giant Blagothgess.  It is his home.  He is a reasonable man."

Ulder: "As for the issue of this castle we search it and destroy it."

Celine: "I don't believe it would be fair to search his castle"

Ulder: "Is the dragon affiliated with the dragon cult?"

Celine: "He is no longer working for them."

<Background: Giants and Dragons like to fight each other.>

Connerad: "We should not allow the giant to keep the castle.  We want to use it as a weapon."

Isteval: "Perhaps we can convince the giant to join our cause."

Ulder: "A giant owning a flying castle would be a very good ally."

Ontharr: "I support but the giant should not benefit from his ill-gotten gains."

Ulder: "I say the same thing.  The people will have their possessions and money back."

Celine: "You may "

Neverember: By force or negotiation? Unanimous to negotiate. "We will send Isteval to negotiate."

Isteval: "May not be the best negotiator."

Neverember: "We will form a subcommittee to select the negotiate led by Sir Isteval."

< Perception check >

Celine, Kitai, Liana – notice the castle flying away through the skylight.

Kitai: "I suggest you accelerate your negotiations."


Black Dragon Eggs will be ransomed to parents

Next on the agenda: the Black Dragon Eggs held by the Emerald Enclave.


Delaan: I am against destruction of the eggs as they are part of the natural order.

Remallia: I may have a solution. These dragon eggs are merely babies at the moment.  However they have parents who are being courted by the cult of the dragon.  Perhaps we can convince the Black Dragons not to add to the cult.

Neverember: As you know we need cash for the army.  We should sell them.

Connerad: "Can we create our own dragon army?"

Delaan: "I am completely against destroying them. They are evil chromatic dragons.  Second of all to raise them would take a millinia .  We don't have that time.  I think we should return the eggs to get the dragons."

Taern: "Use them as ransom."

Ulder: "Hold them as ransom for money."

Onthar: "We use the eggs to find there parents and dispatch with that evil."

< Lia casts mage hand and sits on it. >

Remallia: "I move the emerald enclave send a representative to the parents."

Onthar: "And who would that representative be?"

Celine shares that at Castle Naratar we looked through the telescope and saw a black dragon.  On the 3rd floor we discovered the farseer of illusk and saw black dragons in the swamp (in the mere of deadman).

Vote: destruction of eggs – 3; ransom eggs to parents – 5


Party is granted investigative powers

Neverember: Move this party as worthy and give emergency investigative power under the council.

Onthar: "I wholeheartedly second."

Neverember: "All in favor:

Vote: 7 yes; 1 no – Melandrach


White Mask lost; White Wyrmspeaker Varram seen at Boareskyr Bridge

Remallia: "As leader of the Harpers I have sad news to bring to the council.  My husband Lord Albretter was murdered recently in Waterdeep. My husband had been investigating the location of Varram the White.  We know the white mask was stolen from Varram.  We do not know who or where. Track to the settlement of Boareskyr Bridge near the Serpent Hills.  Unfortunately, assassins were dispatched.  When we found him there was no question it was members of Varram's entourage killed him.  The assassin was a bearded devil."   

"You know I was instrumental in bringing you all hear today.  Adding the emotional impetus of my husband’s death I am sworn to defeat this cult."

Taern: "Thank you lady Remallia.  The council joins me in giving condolences.  To my peers on this council this cult is an ever present threat.  I believe we should form an alliance to bring down this cult now."

Ulder: "I am not convinced. I feel this alliance would be misguided. How can we all trust each other.  I must use my resources to rebuild Balder's Gate."


Neverember: The topic is the murder. Vote: unanimous.  Any other new business.


Draakhorn must be stopped, find Maccath the Crimson in the Sea of Moving Ice

Delaan: We all felt the weird occurrence before the meeting.  The emerald enclave knows something.  I have a witness named Dala Silmerhelve.


Neverember calls forth Dala Silmerhelve.  This woman dressed in noble clothing comes in.  She is a noble.  This disturbance is known as the Draakhorn.  Chromatic dragons hear it clearly and will answer its call.  

Neverember: We must clearly stop this horn.  

Ulder: "Can we not use this to attract the dragons and kill them."

Melandrach: "That could be 1000s of dragons."

Neverember: I move we task our heroes to find the and stop this horn.

Taern: Second the motion.


Vote: unanimous


Remallia: The harpers pledge to research the location of this horn.

Ulder: "Why don't we just follow the dragons?"


Dallas: I have information that the last known location was in the sea of moving ice in the north. Maccath the Crimson, a tiefling sorcerer, knows much of this.  No one alive knows more about the horn.  I have heard from the Arcane Brotherhood they received reports from her.  We located only her ship (heavily damaged).


Ulder: "What shall we compensate these adventurers?"

Neverember: "What would you offer?"

Ulder: "I am willing to pledge my troops if they complete these quests."


Meeting ajourned.



Episode 3: Death to the Wyrmspeakers

The party decides to track Varram the White (dwarf) and the White Dragon Mask.

Varram was recently seen at the camp near Boareskyr Bridge.  


Everyone gets 1 healing potion and a mount.


The party travels to Boareskyr Bridge.  Amara relates the history of Boareskyr Bridge.  Constructed of black granite it bears images of two deities who fought during the Time of Troubles.  This way-station settlement is little more than a tent city.  A contingency maintains watch over the bridge in a newly built keep.


At Bolo's Tentside Inn, Lia asks the barkeep (Bolo, a female Halfling) if she has seen a dwarf in purple robes.

Bolo: "I saw him.  He asked for escort to the hills.  He killed one of the scaled folk in cold blood.  You aren't going to hurt him are you?"

Lia: (rolls deception) "No.  Our dwarf friend is looking to meet up with him."

Bolo: “He traveled north with about a dozen cloaked and hooded warriors.”


Ruined Settlement

Liana easily finds the trail.  The party follows to the serpent hills.  After a day the party arrives at a ruined settlement in a canyon between 2 bluffs.  There are 2 magical statues with hands raised as a warning.  There is an entrance 30 feet up the cliff wall atop a stone stairwell that stops 10 feet short of a platform jutting out from the cliff face.  A ladder has been placed to reach the final 10 feet.  There is a recent camp near the ruined fountain with 3 bedrolls.  There are 7 shallow graves east of campsite.


The party looks at the statues.  When approached, the statues turn toward the party and speak: “Halt. You come before Diderius, ether walker and conduit of clairvoyance. Behold ye now his wondrous triumphs. Diderius extends wisdom, and Diderius offers knowledge. Which do you seek?"

Party: "We seek knowledge."

Statues: “Diderius shall grant you what you seek, but only if you heed him and continue to show proper respect!”.  The statues revert to their original position.


The party knows that Diderius is a powerful mage that specializes in divination.


The graves are fresh and dug within 2 days. It appears that people were dragged off by some creatures towards the well.  Two feet, five toes, claws.  Lizardfolk have 4 toes.


There is a well and campfire 20 feet to the west of the graves.  It appears that creatures came out of the well and grabbed the creatures and dragged them into the well.  The quasit goes down the well to have a look.  It finds a narrow passage with fresh blood.  The quasit squeezes through the hole and finds 3 trolls eating 3 bearded devils (poisonous beard.  2 attacks.  Glave creates an infernal wound).


Entrance to the Tomb of Diderius

The party climbs the stairs and ladder to the entrance.  Celine, Amara, and Liana turn invisible and enter.  The find an Antechamber with illusionary decorations, alcoves that contain splinters of bone, and a stone door that has been forced open.


Upon passing through the door a thought pops into everyone’s mind: "some secrets are not meant for mortal minds are meant to know.  Look away from the knowledge."  There is a room containing 6 status of cowled wizards leaning on staffs, their faces obscured by deep hoods.  The party crouches down and avoids looking at the statues as they traverse the room.  The floor is litter with bones from about 12 people.  Very old bones.  As Celine walks she hears grinding sound from the statues.  They get to the door on the other end.


Chimera Chamber

The next room is a 40×40 rotunda chamber with four exits and a balcony 10 feet up around the rotunda.  The floor has an elaborate mosaic of a knight with a shining sword fighting a Chimera.  “Safe” is written in chalk on the left door.


As Celine searches for traps, the mosaic shifts and the Chimera claws its way out of the mosaic into the room, however the Chimera seems to be two dimensional and made of tiles.


Celine, Amara, and Liana retreat and close the door just as a gout of fire springs from the Chimera.


Liana knows that Chimeras are not intelligent.  Attacks are bite, horns, claw, and fire breath.


The rest of the party joins and and opens the door.  Dispel magic is ineffective.  Amara casts bardic inspiration.


The Chimera springs from the tapestry and attacks the party.  Liana runs up to the ledge with her spider climb slippers.  The Chimera manages to hit Roland, Kitai, and the Worg with fire breath.  The party retreats into the left hand door marked “safe” and closes it behind them.


Safe Room with Well

Behind the door is a room with a well in the middle.  Along the west wall is a stairs 8 feet up to a ledge where there is an empty basin and a brass lever.  The well has bright red and slippery mushrooms on the walls and floor around it.  There are sleeping rolls and camping gear around the room.  “Safe” is inscribed on the wall in chalk.


The party doesn’t recognize the mushrooms (nature check), but thinks they are harmless.  Roland eats one and reports that it tastes like raw liver but is edible.


There are no traps and nothing interesting about the gear and 5 bedrolls. 


The well is about 30 ft deep.  Ruik climbs down with a rope of climbing and climber’s kit.  The bottom has water chest deep.  There is an underwater tunnel big enough for a small creature.  The quasit goes through the room with the trolls and ends up in the well with Rurik.


Kitai examines the basin and pulls the lever.  It returns to the up position and nothing happens.  Kitai hears a mechanism beneath the drain in the basin.  The party pulls a bucket of water, fills the basin, and pulls the lever.  The water drains out of the basin.


Roland drinks some water.  It smells like troll piss.  Rurik comes climbs out of the well.


Chimera Room part 2

The party opens the door.  The mosaic appears to be damaged.  Liana runs along the wall and the Chimera emerges from the mosaic and attacks.  After being hit by one more fire breath, the party destroys the Chimera and tiles fly everywhere.


Liana goes to the north double doors.  They are plated and engraved with copper.  The doors are oversized and bulging out towards the room from their frame.  As Liana yanks on the door, the hinges break and a wall of rubble pours in.  Liana takes 22 pts damage.


The party examines the east hallway and discovers a secret panel that reveals a vertical shaft for a dumbwaiter.  The quasit explores the shaft.  The bottom the shaft emerges into a stairway leading up to a door marked “Danger?” in chalk, and down to a room containing 5 bearded devils seated at a table.  They are sitting there motionless.


The party earns 4100XP for a total of 38,379XP.


5/28/2016 Session – Tomb of Diderius part 2


The bearded devils are sitting at a dining table and ignore the quatsit.  There are three exits.  1 door and two hallways.  One hallway down with a spiked shut door and in chalk the word "Danger."  Another short hallway goes up to a door marked in chalk with the message "?Danger."


The quatsit returns to the Chimera room, then goes down the hallway into a large room.  The smell of incense permeates the room. Rich tapestries ring the room. A few chairs in the room.  There is a chute letting in some sunlight.  It looks like some kind of waiting room.


Celine explores the hallway, finds a mechanical plate installed on the floor, and disarms the trap.


The quatsit hears a whisper in its ear "Humility proffered in the manner of Mystril shelters those opening the way to seeking knowledge."  Everyone knows Mystril is a fallen goddess with a common gesture to turn your head down and raising the hands as if holding a lamp.


Looking for traps Celine finds 6 sarcophagi in the niches behind the tapestries.  Lia detects magic on the door to the north and on the sarcophagi.  We go through the door without magic in the manner of Mistral.  The room is the same size as the previous room.  It appears to be a library with bookshelves and tables.  The shelves are now empty.


As we go down the aisles of empty bookshelves a ghost pops out.  She has tattered robes.

Ghost: "What are you doing in my master's library?"

Celine: "We humbly seek knowledge."

Ghost: "Go away" and vanishes.


The ghost pops out again and yells "Don't touch that" at Lia.  

Kitai: "Who's your master?"

Ghost: "Why Diderius is my master."

Lia points and says "there are no books."

Ghost: "What? The books are all gone!  I am such a failure."


Ghost: "My name is Ilda"

Ruik: "what's beyond the door there."

Ilda: "Why should I tell you?"

Celine: "Tell us and we'll leave."

Ilda: "You're not going to take my books are you?"

Celine: "No"

We tell her we are here seeking knowledge from Diderius.

Kita: "Is he a ghost like you… You know… dead."

Ilda disappears crying.


We open the door after checking for traps.  


It opens into a big room with a dias resembling a floating cloud.  On the dias there is a throne and an imposing figure on the throne.  Off to one side is a pile of treasure.  There is a door off to one side.  On the throne there is a 12 foot tall male with a white beard.


Party: "Oh great Diderius we come seeking knowledge."

Man: "Come."

We enter the room.

Man: "Yee who seek Diderius’s insight must first furnish tribute, that Diderius might work his mighty magic.  Lay such tribute at my feet or depart."


Celine pulls out the Dragon Tork (200 gp). "You may pass."

Lia gave them a citrine (70 gp).  "You may pass."

Ruik gives 10 copper pieces.  "You may pass."

Kitai and Liana 5 copper pieces.  "You may pass."

Warg 1 copper.  "You may pass."

Sir Roland gives 10 copper.  "You may pass."


Celine investigates and sees though the illusion and sees a wood chair with a clay golem.


The party opens the door and sees stairs going down to the room with 2 tables and 5 bearded devils.  The devils are likely controlled by Varim the White.


Ruik goes into the room and approaches a bearded devil and waves his hand.  The devil swipes it away and yells something in infernal.


Celine casts comprehend languages.

Celine: "We do not wish to disturb you.  We are just passing through.  Can you tell us what's through that door?"

Devil: "Our master did not tell us what is through the door."

Celine (21 deception): "Oh you're speaking of Varim. We seek him."

Devil: "Our master is Varim. That is where he went."

Celine: "What's beyond the other door?" (the door marked danger)

Devil: "There is treasure behind that door."

Celine: "Why is there danger?"

Devil: "There are pesky undead in there."


The party goes through the door.  After a short hallway it opens into a large room with a large pool in the end.  Double doors to one side are bulging into the room (like the ones with the cave-in behind them).  Broken arrows, blood stains, and a dead body in the chamber.  The water has an eerie dark glow to it.


Celine searches for traps and the dead body.   It is a relatively fresh body, killed by stone arrows from the north doorway.  It's a human dressed as a dragon cult member.   The arrows are carved in stone with a cobra head.  They are not magic.  We recognize the symbol of the Yuan-Ti god Merrshaulk.  


As Celine goes near the pool she glances at the water and gazes into the pool.  Lia walks up and gazes in the pool.


Rurik: "Celine, Lia, whatcha looking at?"

Celine: "I see the gates of hell opening.  If we drink of the precious water we shall be saved."


Rurik casts bless on Lia, Rurik, and Celine.

Celine dances with Rurik.  He drags her away and she falls to the ground and lays motionless.

Lia is gazing into the water singing.

Rurik goes up and grabs Lia to drag her away from the pool.

Lia falls to the ground too.


After some time Celine wakes up as if form a long sleep.  "What happened? That was fun."  Lia wakes too.

Celine's arcana check knows she's seeing visions.  Perhaps some kind of scyring pool.  It is extremely powerful and you couldn't handle it.  Likely Diderius' divination scrying pool.


Cast Bless on Kitai, Lia, Rurik

Kitai (buffed – rolls a 20) – he looks into the pool and realized that he needs to make a meaningful sacrifice to have his question answered.  He feels a sense of hunger.  Something like the death of a sentient creature. Kitai ponders the next step.


Lia approaches the water to try and bottle some of it.  Her quatsit grabs water.  As she stares at the water it evaporates from the vile.


Kitai tries to sacrifice his rat throwing him into the pool.  His intuition is that he must kill or sacrifice a significant part.  He murders his rat and puts it into the pool.  Kitai goes into a trance.  "How can this mask (black dragon mask) be destroyed permanently?"  


Kitai has a vision and sees 5 (red, black, green, blue, white) dragon masks coming together and transforming into a new mask with all 5 heads of the chromatic dragon.  Kitai passes out.  The pool is bone dry.  The empty pool no longer affects anyone.


We open the exit door and see a chamber.  A massive stone sarcophagus sits on a dias in the center of the room.  The walls are decorated with life size frescoes.


Approaching the sarcophagus we hear "You approach Diderius in repose.  I know what you seek.  Yuan-ti have taken the one called Varram beyond their portal in the northern wall.  Be prepared, for I shall open the way to peril."  We hear a chime and a secret door opens in the north.


We see a rough natural cavern and 6 lizardfolk.  After some failed diplomacy, the party slays the lizardfolk and proceeds down some stairs to a deep pit crossed by a mossy bridge.  The party fights off 6 more lizardfolk and 2 yuan-ti malisons before trying to cross.


Ruik slips and graps onto the moss.  On the second try across the bridge.

Roland slips a few times too and gets across the bridge.


We measure the bottom its 120 to 80 ft.  At the bottom see a lizardman who fell off being eaten by a Yuan-ti babies.  The quatsit goes around the Yuan-ti hatchery.  Many Yuan-ti babies and several adults looking over them.  The walls are undulating.  The quatsit returns to the party.


We take a short rest and recover a lot of hit points.


We are in the lower level and explore the various rooms.  A rhomboid shaped room has statues around the edges with suits of plate armor at the feet of 2 of the statues.


The quatsit goes through several corridors until she finds a large room full of 8 Yuan-ti and 4 lizardfolk.  It sees Varram beaten and bound.  The Yuan-Ti are standing in shadows. 4 lizardfolk and 2 snake-headed Yuan-ti at the door.  3 Yuan-ti look more human female.  1 looks like a full snake.


Varram begs for his life and offers great wealth in exchange for his freedom to no avail.


We decide to wait and watch what is going on. And we burn off the moss to the bridge is not so slippery.


We see 4 lizardfolk start walking towards us.  They turn and go through a door. A few minutes later 3 different lizard folk come out of the door.  We wait for an hour and watch.


We go into the room with statues.  Celine searches the room.  100s of snakes start slithering out of the holes in statues.  They slither into the suits of armor, rise, and attack.


The party kills the statues and takes the plate armor and 4 ruby gems (1000gp each) from the statue eye sockets.


The party opens the door and quickly dispatches a yuan-ti pureblood and 3 lizard folk.


The room contains two totems in the forms of asps.  They are magic abjuration.  A dozen shafts in the floor 3 ft wide and 7 ft deep.  Rubbish and things in there.  Junk and padding. They could be dens or beds.  Celine burns the totems.


The party finds 600 cp, 200 sp, 150 gp, and a potion of poison.


The party opens the door and finds a dead end.  Celine finds and disarms a pressure plate, then finds a secret door.  The party goes through the secret door and finds a room containing empty prison cells.


08/13/2016 Session – Tomb of Diderius part 3



Missions discussed with council: 

  • White mask was lost and we investigated that finding him in this tomb (full of Yenti). 
  • Drachorn must be stopped. Go to the see of moving ice. 
  • Concince Black dragons  to stay out after giving back their eggs – delegated to council 



The quatsit turns invisible and re-observes the room containing Varram.  The room contains: 

  • 3 purebloods – limited spell casting; attack with weapons 
  • 2 malisons – shape changers – snake head, arms, or lower body; can poison, constrict  
  • 1 abomination – shape changer – full snake or snake with human arms; limited spell casting (mental)
  • Varram – unconscious and lying on the floor.


At the end on a Dias with stone alter there is a female abomination and an altar carved with a giant cobra.  Varram lays on the floor. He is bound and appears beaten.


Celine casts disguise self and disguises herself as a half orc mercenary.  Celine opens the door and walks in: "Hello." 

They eye her with suspicion.  Abomination: "What do you want?"

Celine: "I'm on a job hired to look for this white mask." (Persuasion roll) 


Abomination: "Why have you invaded our homesss?" 

Celine: "I'm just looking for this mask. Happy to leave right now." 

Abomination: "What is this massssk you speak of?" 

Celine: "I don't know too much about it." 

Abomination: "We have not seen this mask." 

Celine: "Does that ugly dwarf there know where it is?" 

Abomination: "This dwarf as invaded our homessss as well. He did not speak of a mask." 


Varram appears unconscious. 


Celine: "Thanks.  I'll be going now." 

Abomination: "Are you leaving our homesss?" 

Celine: "Yes.  If it is not here I'm going." 

Abomination: "I will send my guards to escort you." 

Malison: "The way out is to the left"


Rest of party hides as the guards follow Celine.  Celine walks to the left to get out.  Turn right at the corner.  We recognize the way she came in.


Celine leads the guards towards the entrance and the party ambushes them from both directions.


After the surprise round, the guards call out: "It's an ambush.  Help!"  The party quickly overkills the guards with magic, blocking the main hallway in the process.


The quatsit peeks into the main room and sees everyone retreated into the central room.  Sees 2 abominations and 5 pure bloods.  They are talking about ambushed by adventurers. 


Ruik goes up to the prison door and says "Hold your fire. I propose a deal.  Give us the dwarf and we will leave."

Abomination: "We hassss a deal and you broke it." 

Ruik responds: "We have altered the deal.  Pray we don't alter it further."

Ruik earns inspiration.  Who hoo!  Go Star Wars! 

And then Ruik tries again and fails spending the inspiration :(. 

Abomination: "Your threats mean nothing"


Lia casts dancing lights 

Lia: "Give us the dwarf or I will unleash my Eldridge magic on you all."

Abomination: "We will give you the dwarf if you promise to leave without anymore the bloodshed.  His soul has been temporarily drawn from his body by Yuan-ti Magic.  After you leave his soul will be returned."

Lia: "Deal.  We agree." 


Roland and Ruik go in to pick up the dwarf.  Ruik throws the dwarf over his shoulder and we carefully walk out of the dungeon.


They follow at a distance but not too close.  The party leaves uneventfully. 


Varram is incoherent.  The party gags him and Liana checks his bindings.  Rurik's medicine roll leads him to think he just needs time.  The party takes a short rest and after 4 hours Varram wakes up. 


Rurik casts zone of truth, but Varram resists.  Celine casts a spell that detects surface thoughts.


Lia: "Where is the white mask?"

Varram: "Why should I tell you?"  His surface thoughts flash back to a vision from the pool. 

Lia: "We need the white mask to complete the ritual. How could you lose it?" 

Varram: (thoughts: who are these people) "Who are you and how do you know about the mask?" 

Lia: "You know where we're from.  The only value in your life is in telling us where the mask is." 

Varram: (thoughts: clueless or lying) "Who sent you?  You are not very well informed."  (thoughts: if they are from cult then why am I still alive?) 

Lia: "Tell us where the mask is."

Varram:  (thoughts: seems to be overcome with fear.) "If you were informed by the masters you would know that the cult has the mask." 

Lia: "Then what are you doing here?" 

Varram: "Using the magical pool to track down the location of the white mask which is with the cult of the dragon.  Severin has beat me to it." 

Rurik: "Is there any reason why we shouldn't kill you right now?" 

Varram: "I may be able to exchange information about cult tactics in exchange for my life." 

Rurik: "Does the cult have all 5 masks now?" 

Varram: "The black mask was taken from one of our leaders.  The other masks are in the possession of Severin and his minions." 

Rurik: “What is the cult doing to get that black mask back?” (thoughts: Sense that spies are being sent out to search for it.) 

Varram: "I need some assurances for my personal safety."

Rurik: "Are all the preparations for the ritual ready to go?"

(thoughts: armies are being collected. The Draakhorn is part of it.  The ritual is not complete yet but getting close.)


The party takes Varram back to Waterdeep and turns him over to the council. 


The party picks up the magic items that were on order at Leomund’s Emporium.

  • White dragon scale cloak – Amy 
  • 2 +1 studded leather Armor ready – Amy, Helen 
  • Flaming 1d6 upgrade – Bryan 
  • 7 Winged boots – all 


All characters are level 9 with 48,000 XP.


9/4/2016 Session



At the First Council of Waterdeep, Dala Silmerhelve (Waterdeep noble) told the party that the strange feeling across the Sword Coast are caused by the Draakhorn.  Dragons will eventually respond to the call of this horn.


The Sea of Moving Ice is the last known location of the Draakhorn.  Tiefling sorcerer Maccath the Crimson of the Arcane Brotherhood was investigating the Draakhorn at the Sea of Moving Ice when she disappeared.


Maccath’s last report to the Arcane Tower was that she was following Ice Hunters paddling towards a huge iceberg.  Through scrying, the wreckage of her ship was located.  It is known that the lair of powerful dragons are often protected from scrying.  The Arcane Brotherhood would be grateful to get Macath back.


History: Ruik has heard of Arauthator, a white dragon in the north nicknamed "Old White Death."  He has more than one lair; one is known Oyaviggaton, an iceberg in the Sea of Moving Ice.  More than a century ago, during one of the cyclical periods of draconic violence known as the Rage of Dragons,

Arauthator joined with a dozen other dragons in attacking the Hosttower of the Arcane in Luskan. Their assault toppled the west arm of the tower, and Arauthator was seen scooping
up numerous items of great magical importance and power, including at least three tomes of rare spells. The possibility of recovering those books is part of what drew Maccath the Crimson to the Sea of Moving Ice.


Celine went to Leomund’s Emporium, and exchanged the 2 giant plate mails for 2 cloaks of protection +1, to be used by Rurik and Sir Roland.  Also the party exchanges all of their gems for diamonds as required for use in Rurik’s revivify spell.


Remallia Haventree (Harpers) arranged for cold weather gear and passage on the vessel Frostskimmr, with Captain Lerustah, to the Sea of Moving Ice.  The party detoured to Luskan at noon on the 3rd day to visit the Hosttower of the Arcane Brotherhood.


The party speaks with head master Arklam Greith about the mission.  He confirms the information provided about Maccath and about the stolen magical tomes.  He requests that party recover Maccath and the tomes.


Arklam provides some items to assist the party:

  • 6 scrolls of sending (locked to the Hosttower) to share progress.
  • 5 potions of greater healing (4d4+4)
  • map of the location of the wreckage of Maccath’s ship


Lia visits Leomund’s Emporium North and purchases a cap of water breathing for 500gp in gems.


Frostskimmr sets sail at dusk.  After two nights and a day the party reaches the sea of moving ice (at dawn on the 5th day.)


Unfortunately for all involved, Sir Roland attracts the attention of several lonely sailors (Corky McSwaggers and Sharky Fibssomuch).


The party shows Captain Lerustah the map provided by the Arcane Brotherhood.  The party begins searching the ice flows for Oyaviggaton.  (making a d6 roll 3x/day).  Morning and afternoon go by uneventfully.  


After much discussion the group decides to spend the night on an ice flow.  The crew drags Frostskimmr up on an ice flow and secures it.  In the morning and afternoon nothing.  As dusk approaches a crew member yells out "Over there. Look!" Celine see a polar bear stalking a wounded Ice Hunter tribesman.


Lia Eldridge blasts the polar bear until it runs off.  Captain Lerustah informs the party that Ice Hunters speak Uluik.


Rurik, Sir Roland, Liana, and Celine fly over to the wounded Ice Hunter.  Celine casts comprehend languages.  Rurik assesses him and is able to splint his leg and stop the bleeding. He uses his lay on hands to heal him fully.


Ice Hunter: “Thank you for saving me.”

Celine: "It is the least we can do. We humanoids need to stick together in environments like this. Can you help us? We seek Maccath the Crimson and the Oyaviggaton Iceberg."

Ice Hunter: (points to the north east). "It is that way.  But I warn you to keep away.  Old White Death flies around there and eats many a crew that wander by.  There is a tribe of my cousins there but they keep to themselves and don't interact with the rest of us."

The party introduces themselves.

Ice Hunter: "My tribe calls me Little Knife.  My khyek will get me home."


Morning arrives and the party sets sail and finds nothing for the next two days.  Finally on day 6, Oyaviggaton is sighted.


Oyaviggaton has cliffs rising 100 feet above the water to a plateau, then jagged ice peak add another 200 feet above that.  There is a 60 foot wide ice shelf with bones, some ribs larger than a human. Liana believes they are from whales and huge seals. The captain pulls Frostskimmr onto the ice shelf. After examining the bones Liana and Lia find smaller human bones.  Many bones have a large bite marks suggesting a gigantic predator. (dragon anyone?)


There is an ice chasm splitting the cliff face with obvious stairs carved into the ice.  Lia creates an illusion to make it appear as there is a set of stairs above the stairs.  The party ascends.


At the top of the plateau there are 10 corpses frozen in the ice. 3 warriors, a dwarf, and 6 Ice Hunters. The top is hilly and uneven.  Lia sends her quatsit up a hundred feet and can see that 100 feet down the path is a village.  20 structures make up the village. There are all kinds of tribal people walking around.


The party hears dogs barking from down the path.  A few dogs appear and stare while loudly barking and growling. Liana uses her animal handling calm the dogs.  The quatsit notices about 50 people from the village is running or walking towards the party.


Celine casts comprehend languages to speak with them.  Several come up over the hill.


One is the Chief and the other is the shaman.

Chief: "I Barking Seal. What are you doing on my iceberg?"

Celine: "We are friends of Little Knife. I am looking for an entrance to rescue our friend who may have been taken by the dragon."

Shaman says "I Bone Carver. Old White Death was killed a year ago by frost giants.  You can see his bones on the ice shelf below."

Barking Seal: "There is no one here except for us ice hunters."


During the exchange, other members of the tribe start fanning out in a distant circle of 10 on each side.  Anyone who looks like a magic user is attracting scornful looks.  Some male villagers are going into the big hall.  Lia sends the quatsit to follow them.


Liana and Celine knows the bones aren't dragon bones so the story is likely a lie.


Barking Seal: "Is there anything else we can help you with? Or will you be on your way?"

Celine: "I guess we'll be on our way."  The party retreats back down the stairs.


In the main building the quatsit sees it has a wooden floor made of planks that appear to be scavenged from ships.  The villagers move a large seal skin to reveal a trap door and go down.  There is an ice stairs going down 100 feet in a spiral, ending in a chamber carved from ice.  In this chamber is a sick villager laying on furs.  They make their way through 3 rooms. The first is a store room. The 2nd a room full of junk. In the 3rd they speak with a dozen kobolds.


Lia tries to translate the language to Celine. It is Uluik. Some of the words are intruder, warning, and prepare.


Meanwhile, the party reaches the ice shelf where Frostskimmr is docked.  Ice Hunter warriors are watching from a distance.  After embarking, Frostskimmr sails away and around to the side of the iceberg.


The quatsit searches and finds an alternate concealed entrance leading to the Shaman’s hut.  In the hut there are many animal totems and the shaman is sleeping on the floor.


The party uses the boots of flying to travel to the Shaman’s hut, sneaks in, and grapples with the shaman until he goes unconscious.  After binding the shaman, Sir Roland and Rurik carry him down the ice stair.  It ends at the center of a rectangular chamber. It is empty except for a dozen baskets.  The party puts the shaman behind the baskets.


The passages are 15 feet wide and 20 feet tall with draconic imagery on the walls.  It is the fanciest ice cave we've ever seen.  Dim lights are lit throughout the place.  A lot of vapor rolls through the corridors and causes fog, especially in the lower places.


The party goes down the corridor to the right, descends, and the visibility goes down due to the fog. There is a side passage to the right that opens into a large cavern.  Frozen into the ice walls are the bodies of 8 frost giants, 1 fire giant, and 1 cloud giant.  They appear to be dead and are displayed as if in a museum. The giants have torn armor and claw wounds.  The party notices kobolds polishing and maintaining the ice. They try to run and hide in corners of the room.


The party tracks them down and kills them.


The party continues down the hallway, up, and to the right, skipping a left hand passage.  The quatsit notices that the left hand is the first room he went in down the trap door beneath the main village building.


The right hand passage goes down and reveals a dozen giant ice toads scribbling writing on the walls and parchments, and filing items in hundreds of small cubicles carved into the wall.  One toad hops over and croaks at the party.  Celine recognizes they are speaking Uluik (a toad version of it), so Liana casts speak with animals. 


Liana: "Greetings. Looks like you're doing good work here."

Toad: "Oh you speak ice toad. How surprising. How did you come to speak ice toad?"

Liana: "It's my life's work to study natural animal tongues."

Toad: (avoiding temptation to make a tongue pun) "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Marfulb the chief seneschal of Oyaviggaton (the iceberg)."

Liana: “I am Liana and these are my companions.  “

Toad: “We don't often see visitors in the lair. How can I help you?”

Liana: “We are searching for Maccath. We need to question her about some important stuff, if you know what I mean”

Toad: “Why she's just down the hall on the right.”

Liana: “Thank you“

Toad: “I'd advise skipping the first right hand turn as ice trolls can be so impatient. The second right hand turn would be a better choice. If you don't mind can you spell your name? This will be an exceptional story. We never get visitors down here.”

Liana: “What do you do down here?”

Toad: “We run the household. Ensure the supplies are adequate for the master. And that everything is running spic and span. It is our job to know every last thing about the lair.”  (after an awkward pause)  “Do you have any next of kin you would like us to notify?”

Liana: “No.”

Toad: “Well it will be a mystery what happened to you then.”

Liana: (after prodding from the party) “Oh then please notify Arklam Greith in Luskan.”

Liana: “Do you know the location of the Draakhorn?”

Toad: “Oh the Draakhorn. It was such a beautiful artifact.  Alas a group of humans after some negotiations with our master took the device.”

Liana: “Was one of them Severin?”

Toad: “Oh let me think…”


Marfulb goes over and finds retrieves a scroll from cubicle N47.


Toad: “Ah yes. I believe one of the people was associated with Severin. I believe the name was Galvan the Blue.”

Liana: “Do you have a forwarding address for Galvan the Blue to send him a message?”

Toad: “Unfortunately Galvan did not leave his address.”


The party thanks the toads and leaves.


The party follow the corridor down, past the first right passage, up, out of the fog, and to the second right.  There is an 80 foot chamber that is empty except for a passage on the right.  After this passage is a long narrow cavern with a large shelter seemingly built of scraps, and in the style of the tents used by the desert nomads of Calimshan, some two thousand miles to the south.


The party is surprised by an ice troll attacking from behind.  He damages Lia for 5, 9, 14 pts.  Lia responds with Hellish Rebuke which rains fire down on the troll for 33 points.  After another exchange between Lia and the troll, the troll goes down.  Ruik gives Lia back 20 hit points Lay on hands.


The troll surprises everyone by getting up and attacking Lia again for 10 pts damage.  This time the party takes down the troll and burns it with the flaming sword.


Celine approaches the shelter and says "Hello.  Maccath are you there?"

Female voice: "Why yes.  Come in."

Celine sticks her head in and finds the interior surprisingly warm.  Seated at a writing desk is a female tiefling. Two kobold attendants are nearby and look nervously at Celine.


Maccath: "Have you come to save me or kill me?  Not that there will be much difference between the two."

Celine enters the shelter: "We come on behalf of Arklam Greith who has not heard from you in 3 years and fears you may be dead.”

Maccath: "Clearly I am not dead.  You can tell him that.  I see then you are here to rescue me."

Celine: "If you wish."

Maccath: "And how to you plan to leave. Arauthator will not allow it."

Celine: "We plan to leave the way we came."

Maccath: "You do not understand. If you leave he will kill you. No one leaves the island alive. He will attack your ship and drown or eat you. I do appreciate the attempt though."

Celine: “Does he like visitors?”

Maccath: “He likes those that serve him or are served to him as a snack.  When I first arrived he murdered my crew but proposed a deal to me. I am to translate and interpret the tomes and scrolls that he recovered from the Arcane Brotherhood decades ago.  It is quite interesting work.  If I am to go out and I may as well accomplish something great before I go.”

Celine: “What about the Drakhorn?”

Maccath: “Ah yes. It was here but humanoids came about 6 months ago to get it and made a deal with Arauthator”

Celine: “Why were they allowed to leave?”

Maccath: “I don't know the specifics. He must have made a bargain with them. The only way for any of us to leave this place is to slay Arauthator. That is quite an accomplishment. Nobody leaves without his permission.  Trying to escape on a ship is suicidal.”

Celine: “What if we fly?”

Maccath: “Be my guest if you think you can outrun him.  The only way to leave is to kill him.  Is that your intention?”

Lia: (showing off her white dragon scale cloak) “Well we have killed a white dragon before, Glazhael.”

Maccath: “Hmmm… If you do want to take a crack at it I can assist you.  His lair is on the level below. If you'd like to avoid any more contact with his minions there is a tunnel that leads straight to him in the next room.”

Maccath: (after seeing flying boots) “I see you are well prepared.  I have crafted a ring of cold resistance and 2 arrows of dragon slaying that may aid you.”

Celine: “That would be most helpful.”

Maccath: “If you are captured you are to say nothing about my help. Do I have your word?”

Celine: “You do.”

Maccath: “About the lair.  This tunnel leads to the west end.  There are pools of water that lead out of the cavern that lead to the ocean. He tends to stay towards the west end.  Another tunnel after a right and a left from my chambers leads to the east end of the lair.”

Maccath takes the party to a chamber with shelves of items stolen from the Arcane hosttower. The kobolds follow nervously. She warns us not to read the materials. Over here is the tunnel to the lair.  Good luck.”


To be continued…

The Story So Far (part 1)
Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The Story So Far…


Lennithon over Greenest


Chapter 1: Greenest in Flames

Party members heard of trouble in the town of Greenest

Greenest was burning and being attacked by dozens of raiders.

The party helped Governor Nighthill and Castellan Escobert the Red fight off the raiders

Party saw the leader from a distance, dressed in purple robes, accompanied by a dozen guards.

The bard negotiated with Lennithon the blue dragon to abandon his attack.

To recover prisoners, the paladin fought a duel with Langderdrosa Cyanwrath, a half blue dragon.  The paladin lost, but survived.

Captured kobolds revealed that they are working for the Cult of the Dragon and for the "dragon lady", and that they are after loot.

Captured mercenaries revealed that they have been raiding communities for loot, and have heard rumors about dragon eggs in their camp.

Captured cultists revealed that they are members of the Cult of the Dragon and are collecting loot for the great hoard that will usher in the reign of the Queen of Dragons.



Langderosa Cyanwrath

Frulam Mondath “dragon lady”



Leosin Erlanthar


Chapter 2: Raiders' Camp

Governor Nighthill asked the party to investigate the source of the attack.

Monk Nesim Waladra asked the party to find out what happened to his master, Monk Leosin Erlanthar, who disappeared during the battle.  Leosin had been investigating the raiders and may have tried to infiltrate them.

The party followed the trail of the bandits to their camp to the south east.

The camp was located in a canyon.

The party looked out from the rim of the canyon while the rogue infiltrated the camp, posing as a raider.

The rogue learned the following:

  • The raiders are actually the Cult of the Dragon (praise Tiamat!)
  • The camp includes a mix of Cult members, applicants, mercenaries, and kobolds.
  • Rezmir, half-black dragon, setup the camp a few months ago.  Frulam Mondath (purple robes) handles daily operations.  Langdedrosa Cyanwrath is Mondath's right hand.
  • The cult has been raiding towns to collect treasure.
  • The camp has prisoners including the monk Leosin Erlanthar.  The prisoners are used for manual labor, except for Leosin who is of special interest to Rezmir.
  • There is a cave in the canyon wall called "the nursery".  The cave is off limits to most and guarded.  The rumor is that black dragon eggs are being hatched inside.  Also the treasure stolen from nearby settlements is stored inside.
  • The mother of dragons (praise Tiamat!) shall return, and when that day comes, all the nations of the world shall tremble before her majesty!

The thief freed Leosin, and all climbed to the rim of the canyon using a rope and assistance from the party, then all returned to Greenest.



Chapter 3: Dragon Hatchery

The party recuperates in Greenest.

Leosin asks the party return to the camp to monitor their activities and report back.

Leosin travels north to Elturel to convey what he has learned to Ontharr Frume, a paladin or Torm, who is concerned about the cult.

The party returns to the camp to find it mostly abandoned except for the cave.

The rogue infiltrates the cave, posing as a cultist, and meets with Frulam Mondath.

The rogue observes a map showing the villages that have been looted with arrows pointing toward Beregost on the trade way, then north.  A separate sheet of paper covered with numbers in columns has a note "Everything must be freighted north to Naerytar.  Rezmir allowed us to keep some pearls, a ring, and a handful of small stones"

The rest of the party went deeper into the cave where they encountered violet fungi, stirges, kobolds raising guard drakes, and a meat locker before retreating.


Ontharr Frume



Chapter 4: On the Road

The party returned to Greenest.  Leosin left horses and instructions for the party to meet him in Elturel on the River Chionthar.

In Elturel, the party met with Leosin and Ontharr Frume, discussed what was learned.

Leosin is a member of the Harpers, who are dedicated to furthering equality and justice and to keeping power of out the hands of those who don't deserve it.

Ontharr is a member of the Order of the Gauntlet, which emphasizes faith, vigilance, and struggle against evil.

The paladin and cleric joined the Order of the Gauntlet.  The bard and rogue joined the Harpers.

The next mission is to discover where the treasure is going and what the Cult intends to do with it.

The party traveled by boat to Baldur's Gate where they met with a trader named Ackyn Selebon.

The party spotted some cult members from the camp and located their wagons.

With help from Ackyn, the party was hired as guards for other merchants transporting their goods north to Waterdeep in a wagon train that included the cultists and their wagons.

Along the way many things happened including defending the wagons from perytons, the opportunity to observe jewelry when a crate fell off a cultist wagon and broke open, invasion of giant screeching fungus, rescuing a golden stag who was actually an elf prince cursed by the father of the woman he loved, fight with obnoxious guests at a sold out inn, fight with spiders and ettercaps, and the rescue of other merchants from hobgoblins.




The party also discovered a man buried up to his neck in the middle of the road.  He turned out to be Carlon Amoffel, a member of the harpers sent to spy on the Cult.  However he was caught and left buried by a previous merchant wagon train.


Azbara Jos


Near waterdeep, a Thayan named Azbara Jos joined the Cult wagons.  He turned out to be a Red Wizard of Thay, who are disliked and mistrusted.

Also a female gnome named Jamna Gleamsilver joined the caravan.  The party noticed that Jamna was watching Azbara and spying on the Cultists.

Jamna approached the characters at breakfast and pointed out a deadly bone sliver in their oatmeal.

Later that evening, Jamna met with the characters.  She claimed to be interested in stopping the Cult of the Dragon, but wouldn't share any information about her affiliation.  The party shared some information with her, and Jamna pointed out that Azbara was a red wizard, which the party had already figured out.

Toward the end of the journey, one of the cultists was found murdered.  The cultists blamed the rogue.  The party and the merchants convinced the cultists that the rogue was not responsible.


Chapter 5: Construction Ahead

The caravan arrived at Waterdeep and dispersed into the city.

The party heard rumors of Rezmir being spotted in town ten days earlier.

The road to the north, the High Road, used to connect Waterdeep to Neverwinter until a marsh, the Mere of Dead Men, expanded over the road.

The road is being rebuilt by Lord Neverember.  This requires teams of wagons to transport construction materials and laborers to the construction site.

The party observed the cultists preparing to join a construction wagon caravan on the High Road.

Carlon Amoffel helped the party sign on as guards for this Caravan.  Jamna Gleamsilver also joined the caravan.

The caravan is commanded by Ardred Briferhew, for the High Road Charter Company, a consortium of guilds and noble houses partnered with Lord Neverember.

Along the road, the caravan fought some lizardfolk, a troll, and orcs.

The caravan arrived at the Carnath Roadhouse.

At the roadhouse, the caravan was unloaded.  Goods from the cult were unloaded into the locked strong room attached to the warehouse.

After a bar fight with a cultist who was bitter over the previous murder of his companion, the party retired.

In the middle of the night, the party snuck into the warehouse and heard lizardfolk in the strong room.

After the noises were gone, the party picked the lock.  The cultist goods were gone.  The party found a trapdoor under a crate and followed a tunnel that led to the mere.


Castle Naerytar


Chapter 6: Castle Naerytar

The party followed a marked trail through the Mere of Dead Men until arriving at a camp site.

The dry trail ends at the campsite.  There is water in every direction.

At dusk a group of lizard folk in canoes arrived at the campsite.  After a brief massacre, the lizard folk surrendered.

The party learned from the leader of the group, Snapjaw:

  • the lizardfolk are transporting loot to the “big stone house” for the “dragon kneelers”
  • the lizardfolk are paid in steel blades, magic talismans (which are not magical), and a promise of favor from Voaraghamanthar, a black dragon who lives in the swamp.
  • Snapjaw wants to drive away the dragon kneelers and their bullywug allies.
  • The bullywug leader is Pharblex Spattergoo.
  • The lizardfolk belong to the Scaly Death tribe.
  • The lizardfolk leader, Suncaller, was killed by Pharblex.


After the discussion the party and lizardfolk fought of a group of bullywugs (frog men) that attacked the camp.

The party formed an alliance with Snapjaw in exchange for assistance navigating to the “big stone house”

Snapjaw led the party by canoe through the swamp to a lizardfolk guard post, where he convinced the guards to let the party pass unmolested.

Upon arriving at Castle Naerytar, Kitai tamed the giant lizards in the pen outside the castle.

Next the party snuck past a group of bullywugs and giant frogs to attend a secret meeting of the lizardfolk.  At this meeting the party along with Snapjaw convinced the lizardfolk to rebel against the Bullywugs.

Pharblex Spattergoo


At dawn the party and the lizardfolk attacked the Bullywug barracks, killing their leader, Pharblex, along with two dozen bullywugs.  The cultists and other bullywugs responded leading to a massive melee of the party with 27 lizardfolk vs. cultlist leader Dralmorer Borngrey, around 40 cultists, and 3 guard drakes.  Toward the end of the fight, the Bullywugs and cultists were losing and retreated out the front gate of the castle.  The lizardfolk posted guards at the castle entrance while the party explored.

The party stabilized, immobilized, and questioned Dralmorer Borngray, the cult leader.  The party learned that:

  • The crates of loot and weapons go into the cavern under the castle.
  • There is a magical portal in the caverns that teleport the loot to the Greypeak Mountains.
  • There are no traps on the portal.
  • There is a hunting lodge on the other side of the portal.
  • Talis the White (female) is in charge of the cultists at the lodge.

Lia sent her Quasit (tiny flying demon) to explore the top floor of the NW tower and discovered a room with academic scrolls and star charts.  The quasit was attacked by specters and escaped.

Next Lia sent her Quasit to explore the top floor of the NE tower.  The Quasit was attacked by giant spiders and killed.

Next the party explored the SE tower.  The bottom floor was a shrine to Tiamat.  The second floor contained a library.  The third floor was the living area of Wyrmspeaker Rezmir.  In his bedroom, the party opened a trapped wardrobe that sprayed acid on everything and everyone.  In the office, the party discovered notes describing a portal beneath the castle and the command word “Draezir”.

Next the party explored the Southern building that contained the kitchen.  The chefs were hiding in there and agreed to make some food for the party.  The great hall contained piles of loot that was being sorted and organized.

Next the party explored the SW tower.  This tower revealed a stairs down into a subterranean cavern.  The upper floors were cultist barracks and living space.

Next the party investigated the NW tower.  The second floor is collapsed into a pool of filth in the basement of the tower.  Kitai brought one the giant lizards to make a bridge across the filth with his tail over to the stone steps.  Unfortunately the Otyugh living in the filth though the lizard would be a tasty meal.  The party managed to rescue the lizard but the tail was left behind.  This is known henceforth as the short tale of the lizard and the Otyugh. LOL.

While this was happening, Lia and Liana, in a classic split party maneuver, explored the central keep, which is topped with some kind of astrological observatory.  The investigation began with an eldritch blast of the statues on the roof.  Lia and Liana were correct in their assumption that these statues were in fact gargoyles.  The gargoyles attacked and chased them into the lizardfolk barracks.  Lia managed to turn herself and Liana invisible to elude the gargoyles and avoid a TPK (two player kill).

The party explored the central keep, finding Azbara Jos’s quarters on the first floor.  It appears that Azbara departed in a hurry.  Liana set off the acid arrow trap on Azbara’s chest.  Inside the chest were leftover coins and gems.

The second floor was Dralmorrer Borngray’s quarters.  Liana spoke with the Dralmorrer’s raven to discover the location of his treasure box.  The party disarmed and looted the treasure box. 

Upon entering the third floor, the party was attacked by the gargoyles from the rooftop.  After defeating them the party discovered the “Farseer of Illusk”.  Celine used the Farseer to observe twin black dragons in a lair that appears to be underground in a swampy area.

The party interrogated Dralmorer Borngray again and learned a few more things:

  • Azbara Jos was visiting Rezmir.
  • Azbara and Rezmir have run off.
  • The castle was built by a wizard, then abandoned, then taken over by astrologers, then abandoned, then taken over by the cult.
  • Dralmorer is a member of Eldreth Valuuthra, a group of elf supremacists who want to remove the other races from Faerun.  This goal will be accomplished when Tiamat returns.
  • The portals are two way.
  • The southeast and northeast passages are unexplored.  The portal is to the northwest.

Kitai and Amara embarked to deliver Dralmorer to the Harpers in Waterdeep for justice.

The remaining party descended into the caverns below the castle and followed the northwest passage.

The party discovered a frog temple, then Pharblex Spattergoo’s throne room.

The party set off a trap which caused Lia and the panther to hallucinate and attack the party.  Rurik cured both with lay on hands.

The party then found the portal and went through and reached character level 6.




Hunting Lodge


Chapter 7: Hunting Lodge

The party emerged from the portal standing between two large stones, a hundred yards in front of a hunting lodge, presumably somewhere in the Greypeak Mountains.

After determining that the pass phrase would not work in the other direction, the party examined three other sets of standing stones.  Each set of stones has a destination written in draconic:

1. unquiet swamp of mournful croaking

2. the snowy lands

3. the lands of the red sun

4. the tatoo'ed people

Lia sent her invisible quasit to investigate the lodge.  After peeking in a few windows, the quasit observed a few empty rooms, and the kitchen with 4 humans preparing food.

The quasit noticed a large nest on the roof.  Finding what appeared to be a high quality shield the quasit picked it up.

A peryton (large bird of prey with stag head) swooped down and attacked.  Lia quickly unsummoned the quasit back to its pocket dimension.   The peryton returned the shield to its nest.

Unable to identify which tracks belong to Rezmir and Azbara Jos, the party decided to infiltrate the lodge.  Lia and Liana became invisible.  Rurik and Celine disguised themselves as cultists.

The door is answered by a cultist.  After making the proper exchange of signs and phrases, the cultist invited the party in to the parlor.

While Rurik, Celine, and Liana waited in the parlor, Lia explored the house.  Lia discovered a trophy room, hallway, kitchen, linen closet, and kobold quarters.


Talis the White


Rurik and Celine were invited to see Talis in a room upstairs in the lodge.  Talis was convinced that the party were cultists and offered a task.  As Talis is in competition with Rezmir for standing within the cult, she wants the party to disrupt Rezmir’s shipment of treasure.  She told the party of a flying castle docked in the nearby town of Parnast, provided the pass phrase to get in, and a banner to be displayed on approach.  The party was provided with a meal and healing potions before setting off for Parnast on foot.


Chapter 8: Castle in the Clouds

The party arrived in Parnast in the afternoon.  There is a tavern, stable, shrine, and a literally giant-sized ice castle in a ravine.  The town appears to be at least 50% cultists who are busy loading wagons of cargo into the castle.

The party goes into the Golden Tankard, and gets an uncomfortable vibe.  The party purchases a meal and makes friends with the pot boy who tells them to speak with Gundalin the wheelwright.  The party speaks with Gundalin and learns:

  • The town has been taken over by the cultists
  • Gundalin is organizing a resistance
  • Rezmir is in charge
  • Rezmir’s deputy in Parnast is a cult veteran named Captain Othelstan.
  • The cultists keep wyverns in the stable.  The wyverns are used to reach the castle when airborne.
  • The pass phrase to enter the castle is “Hail Blagothkus”


Skyreach Castle


The party displayed the banner and walked through the front gate of the ice castle.  The party provided the pass phrase to two cloud giant statues at the entrance and proceeded into the lower courtyard.


The party has achieved 7th level.


To fit in the party helps to unload wagons.  The first delivery is to the kitchen where 20 kobolds are making food, with oversight by a Griffon.  The second delivery is to inside the iceberg shaped heart of the castle.  After passing by a spiral staircase going up, the party proceeds into a large cavern hollowed from the iceberg.  The cavern has two levels.  The bottom contains a gigantic treasure horde.  Clinging to the ceiling is a huge white dragon.  The party dumps the treasure notices the floor trembling.  The castle has departed and is moving.


The party returns to the courtyard and peeks into the barracks which contain 20 beds and approximately 10 cultists sleeping or relaxing.  So far the disguise is working.


Lia sends her familiar up the giant sized stairs to scout the upper courtyard.  The courtyard has a bunch of ogres playing with javelins.  There are four towers:

  1. Front tower, door, windows, pointed roof.
  2. High blue tower, windows, two ogres, boulders, and a ballista on top.
  3. Ancient crumbling tower, 100 feet, windows sealed shut with ice.  Ice balcony 75 feet up, pointed roof.
  4. Rear tower 70 feet, no windows, parapet roof with 3 ogres and a ballista.


Next the familiar noticed 4 ice balconies outside the upper courtyard wall.  Touching the ice causes it to vanish and gives access to the room.  Each window reveals a giant-sized bedroom.


As it gets dark a thick fog covers the lower and upper courtyard.  The party goes up the stairs.  Celine and Liana sneak up to the ice path to the center tower (#3).  They hear a bat and a female creature appears in front of them.  She says, "You do not belong here.  What is your business?" (She appears to be a vampire.)


Celine: "We are looking for the castle master."

Her: "Why are you at my tower?

Celine: "Where's the master?"

Her: "What is your business with the master?"

Celine: "We wish to thank the master…"

(excellent persuasion roll)

Her: "I will escort you.”


The vampire escorts Celine and Liana to the rear tower (#4) and says “The master is inside. I suggest you do not wander alone at night."


Celine knocks on the door.  It creaks open.  There's an ogre standing there with a fancy plumed helmet.


Ogre: "What is your business?"

Celine: "We wish to visit with the master of the castle."

(Ogre fumbles insight roll)

The ogre blushes.

Ogre: "Come in."

Celine and Liana go in.  When the door opens there's a loud chime.

Celine: "Thank you for the assistance mistress."  She turns into a bat and goes off.


There are 3 more plumed ogres (4 total) with spiked clubs.  Furniture of giant-sized proportions.


One ogre leads the party up the stairs.


Ogre: "The master is here."


In the upper chamber of this tower there is a large bed and other giant sized furniture.  A blue skinned cloud giant sits on the floor, legs crossed while 2 ogres comb his snowy white hair.  He grabs his giant morning star and stands up.




Celine: "We came to thank you for traveling in your beautiful castle."

Blagothkus: "Welcome guests.  I don't recall inviting you. You do not look like cultists."

Celine: "We came in with them.  We were hired by the cultists but not official members."


(insight success) Liana senses he looks a little disappointed when he hears the party is associated with the cultists.


Liana: "We're not impressed with their goals.  We just need the money.”

Blagothkus: "I know what you mean.  They are vermin."

Celine: "We're unhappy with their methods. And not sure what the purposes is to raising dragons."

Blagothkus: "As you know they plan to bring Tiamat back from her imprisonment."

Celine: "We don't think that is good for the world."

Blagothkus: "As you can tell I've made a deal with them to help them bring her back so I can unite the giants once again behind a common cause.  We've become soft and need a mortal enemy to unite our tribes."

Celine: "Those are glorious tales. It would be wonderful to see such again."

Blagothkus: "As you know the giants have been lords of the world in the past.  The rise of Tiamant will spur us to unite."

Celine: "You don't think it possible to unite the giants without risking the world to dragon kind."

Blagothkus: "The rest of the world can take care of themselves."

Celine: "Perhaps we can join forces. We'd be interested to help fight the dragons."


Celine: "How shall Tiamat rise?"

Blagothkus: "We help the cult collect a treasure hoard large enough to impress the mother dragon (Tiamat) and with an adequate treasure hoard they conduct an elaborate ritual to bring her back."


Celine: "Where are the other giants?" 

Blagothkus: "I'm putting together my army on the Spine of the World (mountain range)."

Celine: "Is that where we are going?"

Blagothkus: "Rezmir has directed the castle towards the Well of Dragons."

Celine: "We have found Rezmir of poor character.  She runs out on her allies."

Blagothkus: He seems alarmed by that idea. "Well I don't enjoy being bossed around by that !#$#% (in giant).  I am worried they will try to take my castle from me."

Celine: "Your army of ogres seems formidable.  I agree you are wise to be vigilant."

Blagothkus: "They are mostly incompetent present company excepted.  And that @#$#% vampire is eating my ogres."

Celine: "We made her acquaintance."

Blagothkus: "And she did not eat you?"

Celine: "The vampiress is not yours?"

Blagothkus: "Those filthy cultists brought her to guard this place. To add insult to injury I hate that filthy stinking stupid white dragon in my castle.  That was not part of the deal."


Celine: "How much farther to the Well of Dragons?"

Blagothkus: "Within a week we'll be there.  All the cultists are on the lower level.  I don't trust them up here."


Celine: Where is the Well of Dragons?

Blagothkus: (after much DM fumbling around for the answer) "It's in a dead volcano not far from Greenest."


Celine: "How many more trips do you have?"

Blagothkus: "I don't know how much they require."


Celine: "Should the cultists turn on you, you know which side we will be on."

Celine: "They will only honor something that helps them.  I would not be surprised if they turned on you."

Blagothkus: "Any intelligence about their activity would be appreciated."


Celine: "It would help if your ogres knew we were friends and we could more more easily move throughout the castle."  We also mention we have two others in our party.


Blagothkus (in giant): "Give them guest room #2."


The ogre Grodog escorts us to on of the balconied guest rooms observed earlier. 


Celine: "Can you give us a tour of the castle.

Grodog: "Not safe at night. 

Celine: "In the morning"

Grodog: "Dah… OK."


The party rests until morning.  The fog dissipates.  There is knock on the door which turns out to be 3 kobolds with plates of food.


After breakfast, Grodog arrives for the castle tour.  He shows us the ogre barracks.  Gigantic room full of ogres.  Estimate space for about 24 ogres.


What's in the front tower (#1)?


Grodog: "Duh steering.  Only Blagothkus can steer the castle."


The other room is the servants’ quarters where the kobolds live and work.


How about tower #2?  Ogres climb up the ropes to get on top.  Only Blagothkus goes in there.


And tower #3 with the ice balcony:


Grodog: "Duh hungry lady lives there."

Party: "Are there any other giants?"

Grodog: “Dur is Wighlof and Holde.  Cousins of Blagothkus.  In guest quarters below.  Rezmir staying in the guest room lower courtyard.”


The tour continues on the Lower courtyard including the kitchen, barracks, tower, and stables (with flying birds – not very friendly).


Grodog doesn't want to go into the stables. "They bite." He cracks the door open.


The place stinks.  Two critters slide into view with fangs.  The party recognize them as Wyverns (animalistic dragons).  Liana senses they are hungry.  She and Lia back out and shut the door.


Entering the courtyard is a black half dragon in purple (Rezmir?) and an entourage.  We notice the red wizard from our caravan.  He knows what we look like.  We hide as best we can and they don't notice us as they go to the barracks.


Liana sends her familiar to eavesdrop on the black dragon and entourage.  Rezmir calls a meeting with the dragonwings in the barracks (10 dragon wings – elite cultists).


Rezmir: "We have been informed by the mistress that we have intruders in the castle. We need to find these people and eliminate them.  They were spotted on the upper level.  As you know we're not welcome up there, so use your discretion.  Do not fail me or I will feed you to Glazhael (white dragon?).  Get to work."





Celine casts disguise self and with Grodog goes to get food for the Wyverns. Liana and Ruik go into the stables to tame the Wyverns.  Liana feeds them and they eat.  The party looks around the stable.  6 stalls.  Handful of Wyvern sized bridles and saddles on the well.  Fine gem-encrusted saddles.


The familiar follows Rezmir and his entourage to watch where they are going.


Now we ask for an introduction to the stone giants.  Male and female stone giants are in the corner room.  The male is staring at a cauldron with runes on it.  Lia thinks the stone giant is trying to cast an augury ritual.   Celine talks to the female stone giant.  The party learns they are guests of Blagothkus.  They are in the middle of a ritual so the party leaves.


Lia's familiar follows Rezmir into her room.  It sees Rezmir walk around the rug on the floor.  She walks over to the chest and unlocks it with a key from around her neck.  She pulls out of the chest a black horned mask.  She's dons it and stands there for a while.  She puts the mask away then goes to her desk to work on papers (written in draconic).


The party decides to eliminate the vampire in her tower.


Rurik casts detect evil/good.  Celine opens the door.  It hits something solid.  The ogres bash the door to no avail.  The first window is 30 feet up.  Tower is relatively easy to climb up.  We tie us all together by ropes. 4 ogres climb.  2 get up.  They are half way up.  The ogres continue up and we follow.  First ogre grabs the balcony and the balcony crumbles and crashes to ground.


Balcony hits Ruik.  Take 9 pts of damage.  Doesn't fall off the tower and maintains concentration on spell.


The party makes it to the balcony level.  Ruik detects 3 undead.  Grodog punches the door open and climbs in.  There are 2 vampire spawn and a coffin.  After taking out the two vampire spawn, the vampire seen the previous night bursts out of the coffin.  She hangs out on the ceiling, coming down to strike and retreating back up between strikes.  At the end, she transforms into a cloud of mist and wafts into the coffin.


The party opens the coffin partly filled with dirt, and finds the vampire reformed, lying still.  The party smashes the coffin and attacks the vampire again.  She goes gaseous and then reforms.  Then Celine takes an wooden shaft from an arrow and stabs her through the heart.  Ruik pours the last holy water on her and see a burning thing.  For good measure the party sticks her body out of the door into the diffuse daylight, then lights her on fire with lantern oil.  The stake burns our and is replaced with another.



Ruik casts detect good/evil and detects no undead.  The party went to Blagothkus’s tower to tell him about the vampire.  Lurtzog answered the door and informed the party that Blagothkus was visiting the high blue tower.  The party left and saw Blagothkus leaving the high blue tower and told him that the vampire was slain.  Blagothkus was happy with this because the vampire was eating his ogres.  The party healed and returned to their quarters.


Kitai and Amara

After the fall of Castle Naerytar, Kitai and Amara delivered Dralmorer Borngrey to the Leosin Erlanthar of the Harpers in Waterdeep for justice.


The Harpers are hearing reports of more raids and looting from other regions of the Sword Coast.  Most disturbing is news of an alliance between the Cult of the Dragon and the Red Wizards of Thay.  A council is being called to discuss what should be done.  The party has been invited to participate in this council.


The Harpers hire a wizard to locate the party and teleport Kitai and Amara to their location.


Kitai and Mara appear on the balcony ledge.  They detect manage and look for secret doors.  Upon touching the ice wall, it disappears and they see the rest of the party resting in their quarters.


Kitai delivers a message.  The Harpers paid to have them teleported to us.  Harpers are calling a council in Waterdeep and we have been invited to participate.  The Harpers are aware of the Red Wizard’s activities.


Kitai wildshapes into a hawk and flies to check the bottom of the iceberg to recon the treasure vault. Treasure is frozen into the ice.  Clinging to the top is a white dragon.  


After kobold room service, the party investigate the steering tower and decides to return at night.  After silence and knock, the party enters the tower and climbs to the top.  There are jewels everywhere in the room.  The walls disappear and the party can see in every direction.  A dozen golden runes appear floating around the party.  The runes state: alarm, all clear, anchor, cast off, drift, home, N, S, E, W, rise, sink, spin, wittershins, veil, unveil, storm, calm.  Also there is a giant compass indicating the castle is heading southeast.


Celine speaks in giant: "Mighty castle please change direction to west."  She senses an intelligence at work.

Response: "Hello there.  Who are you?" 

Celine: "I am Celine Nightflower.  These are my friends."

Response: "I'm Esclarotta"

Celine: "Pleased to meet you.  Would you make the castle go west.  We are keeping this treasure away from the cult of the dragon."

After a solid Diplomacy check:

Esclarotta: "Why yes dear.  But first can you tell me what my husband is up to?"

Celine: "He is working to bring about the rise of the giants to fight and rule the world."

Esclarotta: "Yes. He has been trying to get the giants to rise for a long time.  How is he going about this?"

Celine: "He hopes to bring Tiamat to rise.  However, we're more concerned for the damage to the world."

Esclarotta: "Are you telling me he wants to bring Tiamat to this plane?"

Celine: "Yes"

Esclarotta: "Oh my goodness. That is a terrible idea.  What is he thinking."

Celine: "This is why we want to go west to Waterdeep where the evil on this castle can be apprehended.  The Harpers and Order of the Gauntlet will help us take them into custody."

Esclarotta: "I do want them off my beautiful castle, but you have to convince my husband."

Celine: "Can you help us?"

Esclarotta: "Send him over here right away.  I'll speak with him."


The party retrieves Blagothkus and returns.


Esclarotta: "Blaggy what are you doing?  First you invite those filthy creatures and then the dragon."

Blagothkus: "I didn't invite the dragon… And the vampire."

Celine: "We killed the vampire."

Esclarotta: "Well thank you very much.  Blaggy, what are you thinking?"


They go back and forth for a while. Blagothkus takes a beat down.


Blagothkus: "I think we should get these creatures off my castle."

Esclarotta: "We can wittershins, but that probably won't do it."

Celine: "What is wittershins?"

Esclarotta:: "You don't know how to wittershins?  Didn’t your mother teach you anything, dear?"


Celine realizes it means to spin in circles (counterclockwise).  Spin is clockwise.


Ruik suggests we submerge the first level of the castle to clear out the filthy creatures.  Blagothkus agrees to try it and he asks Esclarotta to take the castle to a cold mountain lake in the north.


Rurik: "What to do about the dragon?"

Blagothkus: "That is a problem.  We could create a storm.  We can kind of control the lightning a bit."


The party plans the attack:


  • Inform kobolds and ogres on the lower levels, and stone giants to move to upper level
  • Start the storm
  • Liana and Lia free the Wyverns – try to fly them; move the kobolds
  • After 10 minutes sink the castle
  • Set up 2/3 of ogres at 2 chokepoints; other 1/3 manning the ballistae and in reserve.


After moving to the upper level, the stone giants reveal:

Wiglof: "I just finished my augury.  Blagothkus' plan was not going to turn out well."


The next morning the castle is descending toward the lake.  Blagothkus starts the storm.  Lia casts invisibility on Lia and Liana.   They fetch the Wyverns, mount them, and fly to the upper level.


The castle shudders as it splashes down into the waters of Lake Shrinkage (LOL).


Amara has full visibility from the steering tower, and witnesses water splashing over the lower walls. The cultists panic and swim toward the towers or the stairs.  One red wizard (Jos) is swimming to the stairs.  The other red wizard and the white dragon fly to the upper level.


Blagothkus commands the castle to shoot lightning at Jos and does some damage to others in the water next to him.  Liana casts spike growth and Lia casts void of Hadar at their entrance.


The unnamed Red Wizard makes his way into the steering tower and confronts Blagothkus:


Red Wizard: "Blagothkus what the hell are you doing?"

Blagothkus: "I have altered the deal.  Pray I do not alter it further."  LOL



Unknown Red Wizard


The wizard blasts a fireball from his staff at Blagothkus and Amara.  Blagothkus strikes back with his morningstars and damages the wizard.  Subsquent attacks reveal the wizard to be an illusion.  The actual wizard was never located.


The chokepoint defenses hold off Azbara Jos and the dragonwings while the white dragon chases the party inside a tunnel through the central iceberg portion of the castle.  The dragon emerges from the tunnel and beats his wings, knocking the ogres prone.  Subsequently the Ogres, Celine, and Rurik are caught in the cold breath weapon.  All 6 ogres are killed.


Liana and Lia fly around on the wyverns attacking the dragon which Blagothkus blasts it with storm lightning from the storm.


Kitai sent his rat companion to spy on happenings in the tunnels.  He sees Azbara Jos turn invisible, gather some dragonwings, and meets with Rezmir on the stairs.  Rezmir is wearing the black dragon mask.  Eventually they emerge.  Rezmir commands the dragon to press his attack.


Amara takes over storm lightning duty from Blagothkus which allows him to exit the tower.  He finds the majority of the party in melee with the dragon.  The dragon is heavily damaged and attempts to flee but is brought down by a terminal blow from Kitai.


Shortly thereafter Azbara Jos goes un-invisible and launches a fireball, damaging the party and killing Kitai’s wolf-mount.  Azbara is killed by a storm lightning guided by Amara from the steering tower.


Meanwhile, in an excessively heroic scene, Rurik leaps out from his hiding spot at the top of the spiral staircase and grapples with Rezmir.  Rurik tears off Rezmir’s dragon mask while taking a beating from Rezmir’s sword.  The rest of the party piles on and quickly dispatches Rezmir and the rest of the dragonwings.


Lia and Liana name their Wyverns “Death from Above” and “Slapwing” before setting them free.


Katai prays over his dead wolf.


Rurik detects evil in the sword so leaves it for later.  He attunes to the dragon mask which grants many powers to the wearer:

  • Damage resistance to acid
  • If no armor add charisma bonus to AC
  • If breath weapon requires a rest you regain a on roll of a 6
  • Gain 60ft of darkvision
  • Gain blindsight for 60 ft once per day
  • Speak and understand draconic
  • Advantage on Charisma check against black dragons.
  • Daily power – legendary resistance. 1 per day can choose not to fail after failing
  • Breathe underwater


Lia attunes to the Insignia of claws.  They provide +1 att/dam to unarmed or natural weapons.


The party recovers from Azbara Jos:

  • scroll of mage armor
  • dagger (plain old ordinary)




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5. Write your first Adventure Log post

The adventure log is where you list the sessions and adventures your party has been on, but for now, we suggest doing a very light “story so far” post. Just give a brief overview of what the party has done up to this point. After each future session, create a new post detailing that night’s adventures.

One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.


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